A beginners guide to Rugby Union


New to the game? If you need a 10 minute guide to the game then you can click the video link below to see an overview of how to play the game and a brief guide to the major laws of the game.

Rugby in Sussex

The Sussex Rugby Football Union is the society responsible for rugby union in the county of Sussex, England and is one of the constituent bodies of the national Rugby Football Union. The Sussex RFU is formed of 41 clubs from the towns and villages (and three universities) of Sussex and is …

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What kit do you need to get started?

As a minimum, you’ll need a pair of rugby boots. Rugby studs need to be fully metal, or fully plastic. Football studs are often plastic, with a metal tip – and these are not allowed in rugby.  Blades are allowed, but the same full metal or full plastic requirement still …

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What to expect from your rugby club

Within Sussex there are range of clubs and teams who all compete at different levels. You should be seeking a club that will provide the appropriate level of play for you, and help over time to achieve higher levels through good quality coaching and further playing opportunities. You should make contact …

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